About Us

We are more than implementers or advisors.

We dig really deep to understand what is the purpose of your business and what is the value it brings to this world.
After getting that – we look on existing processes and tools you use identifying points of inefficiency and room for improvement.
Having these two pieces we discuss your long-term vision and come up with strategic solutions about how to get there using technology and what will be the benefit for you.
After the strategy is defined – we look at the financial resource available and come up with an implementation proposal, affordable for you.

Our goal is not only to develop the software but to make it useful and valuable as for you and your employees as for your clients and partners. Which means we are not looking for tech perfection but rather business applicability.

János Orosz

Our Values





Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the unnecessary stress, caused by a lack of transparency and collaboration as well as process inefficiency, impacting you, your employees, customers, partners as well as their families.

Our Vision

Using technology, we create a healthy and connected ecosystems, building new capabilities and increasing competitive advantage of your business.

Do not reinvent the wheel. Partner with experts.
A team effort is necessary for great results.

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