with up to 40% budget economy
+ competent governance and supervision



with up to 40% budget economy
+ competent governance and supervision

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are they located?
A: Ukraine. There is no other place with similar level of engineering capabilities, experience in providing engineering as service and taxation.

Q: Are you going to use Open Source components for my project?
A: With a whole variety of existing components its illegal to do not reuse them charging you for more money. The tricky part of Open Source is the license, used for it’s distribution. We have internal procedures in place to prevent legal consequences, caused by inappropriate license.

Q: How the acceptance will be done?
A: We live in rapidly changing world. To keep both parties safe we are reviewing acceptance criteria for the developing solution on a regular basis. This is a part of our delivery governance gramework, designed to minimise the chances to deliver not what you need.

Q: What is the payment schedule?
A: We are quite flexible offering three payment schemes:
- Monthly based
- Release based
- Costs + Completion Bonus

Q: Are you GDPR compliant?
A: Our development process designed to be SOX and ISO compliant which means our offshore engineers have no access to your or your client’s data. You will deal with the UK based LLC (TEC DIGITAL LTD) so everything will happen inside one region. From technology perspective all the new solutions we develop designed using Privacy by Design principles.

Q: What will happen at the end of the project?
A: Engineers you worked with will be allocated on other projects (except the case when we have a BOT agreement). Your source code and requirements will be kept for the period, defined in the contract as warranty period. At the end of the period we are going to remove all the project related data from our systems notifying you by email on completion.

Q: Is it will be an Agile project?
A: Speaking about Agile we should split the way we work (project management) and the solution we are working on. Regarding the way of work - we can definitely say that it will be Agile. Regarding the solution - if it is a green field project - you will get all the benefits of Agile Architecture and Privacy by Design for free since they are the elements of our quality standard.

Q: What about the Moral Rights and IP?
A: All the Moral Rights and IP transfered from engineer to
TEC DIGITAL LTD by contract during development and
from TEC DIGITAL LTD to Your company.

At the end you have full ovnership of:
- Requirements and project documentation
- Source code
- Infrastructure setup scripts
- Deployment scripts
- Test cases and test data
- Any creatives (images, videos etc.)

Q: Is my code will be reused for other clients?
A: Your code belongs to you so we have no rights to reuse it for someone else except the case when we agree to do so in the contract making the development cheaper for you.

Q: What about changes (twicks) and defects?
A: Our approach to change management is the following: if the impact on budget and schedule is minimal - you are getting the changes for free. Otherwise we provide the estimate and impact analysis so you can make a facts based decision regarding should we do the changes. Defects policy included in contract and depends on what is developed.

Q: What are the quality standards of the outcome?
A: Our quality standards depends on what we are developing to keep the balance between costs, time, expectations and business value/impact. We will be glad to tell you more since it is not possible to cover such a complex topic in one sentence.

Q: How you will keep the project on track?
A: The secret component of successfull delivery - a well organised way of work. We use a combination of tools from various Agile methodologies adapting the process to the context. As an example - Kanban board with release plan + set of software, showing current status of the project + well defined reporting structure. We  guarantee you a world class governance and supervision so you will always have a clear picture.

Q: Are you going to Subcontract my project?
A: No. We do everything by own own resources to guarantee the best performance, quality and experience.

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