Services for Companies

Activities in running business can be split on two categories

Run the Business (RTB)

Up to 85% of your people working hard to support what you have now.
Unfortunately for business staying at the same level equals degradation. Thats why the CREATE THE BUSINESS segment exists. All the strategic initiatives, enablers, new products and ideas are there.
Businesses struggling experiencing lack of heads and hands to implement already ideated and planned changes. To perform some RnD, expand portfolio with a new Products, dramatically change existing Products – all of that is hard to do when you cant touch your best people to do not jeopardise the operations

Create the Business (CTB)

The left 15% are trying hard to catch up with a high speed of changes in modern business environment. Since it is not possible to be good in all – they definitely would appreciate a qualified heads and hands they can delegate to.
We are those hands. Acting as true partners we are taking care over the challenges and complexity of your business contributing in your Create The Business initiatives.


Rapid Application Development

  • Move your operations from Excel to affordable App
  • Improve efficiency through centralised data storage
  • Simplify analysis through automated reporting

Benefits for You:

  • Enhanced security (comparing to excel)
  • Data consistency and fault tolerance
  • Increased data collection and processing efficiency
  • Data Analytics (reports, trends etc.) based on database stored data

App Modernisation and Cloud Migration

  • Use virtualisation and containerisation
  • Extend connectivity through API
  • Transfer Legacy app data to cost efficient storage

Benefits for You:

  • Decreased operating costs
  • Simplified maintenance and support
  • Improved integrations
  • Better performance


Development Partner

What we do:

  1. Do the whiteboarding to get the idea and formulate requirements for PoC/Prototype
  2. Sign an affordable Fixed Price contract for PoC/Prototype
  3. Sign a TnM/Cost+ contract for Product Development
  4. Get the solution developed and deployed
  5. Transition solution under your umbrella

Benefits for You:

  • No delays and headache finding and employing expensive engineering staff
  • No risks related to setting up and running engineering processes
  • No risks related to inappropriate solution architecture and wrong technology stack
  • Flexible contract terms


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