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Our Services

Each business is unique. As well as the context it operates in. Services below explained on a certain level of abstraction, covering common scenarios we identified working with our clients.

We strongly recommend to contact us for the details so we will have the opportunity to have a practical conversation taking into account your business individuality.


The secret of successful growth is a rotation of scaling and stabilising phases. The right sequence shapes up your business making it capable to go 1 step up. Optimising your existing digital ecosystem we solve the following issues:

  • Difficulties with finding and trusting the information you use
  • Overbudget for software licenses
  • Overbudget for IT department, constantly growing for the same number of employees and clients
  • Heroes needed to build reports and make the status transparent
  • The potential risk of information leakage or unauthorized access


Using files and emails for communication is good but slow and messy. We can turn your silos into an integrated ecosystem:

  • Minimising human mistakes
  • Reducing the number of activities in your business processes
  • Simplifying reconciliation procedures with your partners
  • Speeding up your business processes


Off-the-shelf software is good. On a certain level of abstraction. When we speak about practicality – it takes time and money to tailor it to your business needs. Taking a look at the Total Cost of Ownership more and more businesses deciding to start working on an in-house platform. Building your platform with us you will get:

  • Unique competitive advantage
  • High level of control over the solution
  • The perfect match between business processes and IT infrastructure
  • More efficient budgeting for development
  • Enablement for further growth


In Digital Economy successful business model lives around 30 months. To keep the leading position you should always be at least 1 step ahead of the market. With us for you it will be easier to:

  • Check the feasibility of your idea before investing in its implementation
  • Validate your hypothesis fast
  • Evolve successful hypothesis from Proof of Concept to Commercial quality
  • Find competent people for your “Create the Business” initiatives
  • Get financial benefit of the global talent pool

The Process


Analysis (GAP+SWOT)


Strategy Development


Stabilisation and Optimisation


Implementation and Running


Support and Evolution